Cup and Crown EP

by Bigfoot Wallace

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released July 1, 2014

Written Performed and Produced by Jon Hubbell
Mixed by Jon Hubbell and Josh Niles
Mastered by Simon Katz
Artwork by Josh Rhodes



all rights reserved


Bigfoot Wallace Arizona

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Track Name: Cup and Crown
It's enough to shake up
Laugh so loud you wake up
Righteous man, so upright
I once thought
Oh to find out so soon
I will rot.
I can't breathe in,
I can't breathe out enough air
It's enough to shake up,
Laugh so loud you wake up.
Break in break out love life
Take in what's above strife
Ups and downs elastic
Cup and crown without it
I can't breathe in
I can't breathe out enough air
It's enough to shake up
Laugh so loud you wake up
Wake me up, wake me up
Get me out from this bed I've made
Righteous man, I once thought
Sleep it off
Track Name: With and Bear
After its been worn
Torn rewashed and sewn
We still wear it home
With and bear we roam
Faster shall I go
Runaway I suppose
I still wear it home
Bear with it I chose
Each leap alone
Keeping the load
Yet underneath we can't let go
Shedding our skin and clothes we show
Leave me in peace to share the load
Each leap we feel less weight it goes
It goes.
Track Name: I am and I'm Not
Reach the unknown or stay all alone
heart is still made only of stone
Treasure awaits but it could be fake
Still i will go, and chase every stone.
Each time alone seek the unknown
No one escapes, no one goes home.
Inside I find only to hide in a heart that is made only of stone
Leave me and disappear, ( you have no idea )
Let me see the truth ( I gave you two eyes )
I need a little more ( I give enough )
Spare me ( who do you think I am )
The earth, and all it holds. Everything is yours
I can't let it go
The earth and all it holds everything is yours
The smile on my face I can't hold in place
All of what is lost, All of what is joy.
The smile on my face, I can't hold in place.
Leave me and disappear
Let me see the truth
I need more of you
Spare me from my view